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Category: THOMAS (1 records) Archive: *Ended* - (23) SCHOOL BUSES located in RIVERSIDE, CA - Ends on: November 28, 2018 Starts ending: 1:00 PM EST
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34RS 2006 GMC Thomas 3500
BUS #34 RS (STACA 73606)

VIN:   1GDJG31U361183606
MILES:   163,988 MILES
SEAT PAX:   24 Passengers

•   6.0 8 Cylinder Gas Engine
•   Hydraulic Brakes
•   Automatic Transmission
•   5 Passenger Windows in Length
•   05-2006 Date of Manufacture
•   GVWR: 12,300

•   Rear Air Conditioning
•   Manual Passenger Door
•   Shoulder Seat Belts
•   Tinted Windows
•   White Roof
•   Dual Rear Wheels

•   1 Emergency Roof Hatch

•   Bus Starts
•   Bus Drives Forward
•   Bus Drives Backward
•   Brake Pedal Functions

•   Paint Chipped Around Gas Cap
•   Scratch on Passenger Side
•   Rips in the Drivers Seat
•   Clean Title
•   Located In Riverside, CA
•   Please See Photos



This item is an asset of Student Transportation, Inc. (STA) that is being liquidated on their behalf by 422 Sales. All activities pertaining to the sale & pickup of STA excess fleet is to be coordinated soley by 422 Sales Online Auction.

There are specific STA purchase requirements that are important for all buyers/potential buyers to know. Please review the following information carefully:
•   All fleet titles are stored at STA’s Headquarters in New Jersey. STA will ship title(s) for sold vehicles to the pickup location with their next daily parcel pickup after 422 Sales has received the payment in full for the purchase.
•   It will take 2 to 4 days from that day for title(s) to arrive at pickup location, which is necessary for title transfer.
•   Purchases are not permitted to be removed from STA location until title has been received at pickup location.
•   The 422 Sales Online Auction team is solely responsible for making all STA pickup appointments.
•   To schedule pickup, buyers must call 422 Sales with desired date & time at least 3 business days in advance.
•   STA makes all efforts to accommodate requested pickup date/time, but reserves the right to request a different day or time at their discretion.
•   Once a date & time has been agreed upon for pickup, 422 Sales will confirm the appointment and provide buyer with address of pickup location.

   ☛   Antes de recoger sus unidades, ES OBLIGATORIO
         confirmar la cita correspondiente
         con la 422 Sales.

•   A $25 per unit/per day storage fee will be charged for any unit remaining at lot past pickup deadline listed above.
•   If any auction purchase is not picked up within 10 business days of the published pickup deadline (regardless of payment status), it is acknowledged/agreed that the vehicle may be declared abandoned.

STA requires the following paperwork for pickup:
•   Proof of Purchase.    For your protection, the invoice marked ‘Paid in Full’ is required to be present when picking up Online Auction purchases.
•   Current Driver’s License.    For your protection, identification is required for pickup.
•   ‘Letter of Authorization’.   If a driver is being sent to pick up your purchase on your behalf, the driver(s) must also carry a ‘Letter of Authorization’ to prove that they have your permission to retrieve the unit(s).
•   If any of these requirements have not been met, STA employees at the pickup location reserve the right to not perform any pickup.

♦    ♦    ♦

422 Sales has unequivocal policies related to auction fees, timing & methods of payment, and pickup requirements. We require that all potential Buyers fully understand Buyer requirements and be prepared to complete all transactions with 422 Sales prior to bidding.
☛   Buyers are cautioned to bid only on those items you are prepared to pay for and remove in accordance with 422 Sales Terms & Conditions.
☛   All items awarded to you as the high bidder, both online or during verbal negotiations, are contractually yours and must be paid for and removed in accordance with 422 Sales Terms & Conditions.
☛   Every auction unit is sold "AS IS-WHERE IS" with no warranty either expressed or implied for the auction unit itself or its components. The purchaser will bear any expense of repairing or correcting any defects that presently exist or that may occur in the vehicle.

☎   The 422 Sales online auction team is responsible for all correspondence related to this auction. Please call (800) 422-8884 or email (English and Spanish), (English) or (Spanish) with any questions.
☎   Auction unit previews are strongly recommended and available by appointment only, no later than 3 business days prior to the auction end date. Please contact the 422 Sales online auction team in advance to make an appointment.

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