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Title*Ended* - (1) 2000 BLUE BIRD ALL-AMERICAN SCHOOL BUS located in COLTON, CA
DateEnds on: October 5, 2020 Starts ending: 2:00 PM EST
LocationThis BUS is located in COLTON, CA and must be picked up by OCTOBER 26, 2020. Once payment has been completed, buyer is to work with the 422 online auction team to arrange a pickup appointment.

A $25 per day/per unit storage fee will be charged for each auction purchase if it remains on the lot after the published pickup deadline. We reserve the right not to release any unit if there is any type of unpaid account balance.

If any auction purchase is not picked up within 10 business days of the published pickup deadline (regardless of payment status), it is acknowledged and agreed that we may declare the vehicle ABANDONED.

Unit preview at least 3 business days prior to the auction end date is strongly recommended. You may contact the 422 Online Auction Team at (724) 368-8885 or (800) 422-8884 for questions and/or preview appointments. Or, email your request(s) to (English and Spanish) or (Espanol).

Para asistencia en español, por favor llame al (724) 368-8885. Gracias

Highlights(1) 2000 BLUE BIRD ALL-AMERICAN SCHOOL BUS located in COLTON, CA
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422 Sales has unequivocal policies related to the timing & methods of payment/pickup. Bidders are responsible for knowing the type/amount of all applicable auction fees and pickup policies. We want Bidders to understand and be prepared to complete their online auction transactions. Please carefully review the 422 Online Auction Terms and Conditions before bidding.

Please Note: If you are the winning bidder on any item, you will be notified by email no later than 2 business days from the close of the auction. The close-out email will include additional instructions on payment etc. - please read it carefully. All sales are subject to owner/seller approval where applicable.

PLEASE READ: Any bid placed in the last minute or 2 will extend the auction an additional 3 minutes to allow others to bid. Multiple extensions are possible as long as there is active bidding.

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